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Passivhaus Designs

PHPP Modelling



Often described as the Gold Building standard, the Passivhaus Principles can be applied to all buildings for both residential and commercial, and are currently the highest building standard achieved around the world.

Passive houses are ultra-low energy, comfortable, affordable and provide the optimum healthy living and working conditions for the occupants.  

As Certified Passive House Consultants, we follow the Passivhaus Principles to create designs for new homes, carefully considering each element of your brief at the initial design concept stage to produce a building that is fully airtight with minimal risk of overheating and that harnesses the winter gains to provide natural heating.

Backed up with years of research and studies, we work with both traditional construction methods as well as all the new

Modern Methods of Construction (MMCs) such as Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF), Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs), Cross Laminated Timber (CLT), Closed Panel Systems (CPS), I-Beam and Larsen Trusses.

We work closely with Passivhaus Certifiers to enable a full Passivhaus Certification of the house and provide all the associated documentation and drawings.  

We can provide Toolbox Talks for the Site, as well as Contractor Training.

Working with local planning authorities around the UK we are increasingly seeing Councils in England and Wales adopt the Passivhaus Standards as a mandatory condition of planning approval, and Scotland has introduced mandatory Passivhaus for new builds from 2024.

For architects and clients that already have an initial design concept or planning approval we can work with you to optimise the project to achieve either full Certification or simply apply the Passhivhaus Principles to achieve a high quality ultra-low energy home that is fit for the future.

We can work with all construction methods, but can advise you on alternative methods working in partnership with Sunbloc’s ICF and V-Tec systems, and Isoquick’s Insulated Raft system.  Take a look here:  

Originally designed to construct swimming pools, ICF products are fast becoming the favoured building method around the world.  It is quick to build and provides a solid home that is highly insulated and moisture resistant.  

The embodied carbon is low compared to many other materials, it is fully recyclable at the end of its lifetime.  In a Passivhaus world, it is already fully airtight and needs no further membranes and tapes!



We understand that many architects do not want to spend time and money studying the Passivhaus and EnerPHit qualifications, or learn the global Passivhaus Planning Package (PHPP) software required for planning applications and building certifications.

PHPP uses complex calculations based on factors such as the climate zone, the building form, glazing sizes and orientations, shading details, heating and hot water distribution systems and pipe lengths.  

The entire design is input into the software to determine the

space heating demand and provide an energy balance.

Using your initial CAD drawings we can provide an initial model and calculations to see if the design will pass the stringent Passivhaus requirements, and work with you to make recommendations for any alterations that can improve the balance.

Further modelling can be carried out throughout the design process and we can produce the final set for planning departments and building certifiers.

Retrofit Programmes

Whether it is a deep retrofit for social housing or a planned approach to an individual private residence, we can advise on the work required to upgrade residential properties to reach the Carbon Zero targets of 2050, reduce fuel bills and reduce fuel poverty.

By producing an individual “retrofit passport” we help each homeowner to plan a series of refurbishments over the next 20-30 years to suit their individual home and budget. The Passport stays with the house for the new occupants to continue the works.

Each home is assessed for its construction era and method, the works that have been carried out through history and for the areas that need to be improved.  EPC ratings are improved to reach the legal minimum Band C with a goal to reach Bands B or A over a period of time.

Occupants benefit from a healthy home to live in with no mould and a fresh supply of fresh air as needed, no draughts and low fuel bills.

A phased retrofit requires upgrades to be carried out in the correct sequencing ensuring that heating systems are not oversized, that adequate ventilation is provided at all times throughout the programme and that there are no unintended consequences from working in the incorrect order.

Our Government-endorsed Trustmark enables us to work on PAS2035 projects for social housing associations and provides you with a quality assurance and peace of mind.

As Certified Passive House Consultants, we can apply the Passivhaus Principles to existing buildings to achieve the EnerPHit Certification.

Energy Efficiency Advice

Throughout our years of training, it has been evident that England  is falling far behind its global counterparts and has a severe shortage of skills and knowledge to decarbonise our housing stock and meet the legally-binding targets of The Paris Agreement.

At Alden Rose we believe that education should be free for everyone and are happy to proviede homeowners and decision makers alike with the necessary information.

Using simple lifestyle changes we can prevent deadly mould from growing around the home and create a healthier place to live.

We are trying to raise awareness of the skills gap in the construction industry to educate trades on the newer methods of construction and how simple techniques can make a huge difference to energy bills and health.

We are happy to provide general energy efficiency advice for free and ways to improve living standards.







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