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Alden Rose


Essex CM11 1HB

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Solartherm ground mounted PV panels Solarwatt modular battery storage Then add the mechanics: We provide our clients with an individual home Passport so that all future occupiers can easily see what works are needed over the coming decades. The Deep Retrofit Ensure the structure is Fully Airtight sealing all penetrations such as pipes and cables that go through the  structure with tapes and grommets Add Renewable Energy with battery storage Fit Mechanical Ventilation with Heat  Recovery (MVHR) to provide heating and fresh air Eliminate Thermal Bridges from  Balcony fixings or steelwork Create a Highly Insulated Envelope With all junctions correctly overlapped Create a Healthy Living Environment with sufficient ventilation Maximise free solar gains Retrofit Explained - Part 2 Retrofit: Cutting Carbon Emissions and Fuel Bills Retrofit: Deep Retrofit vs a Phased Approach Airtight products from Pro Clima Fit Airtight Tapes to Windows and  Doors before boarding Fit Triple Glazed high performance windows How To Retrofit Successfully Blog Ideal Sequencing & Knowledge Base