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Whether building to a Passivhaus Certification level or simply following the Passivhaus Principles, we offer a full house design package for all new build residential properties

If you already have a design or concept, we can provide a full PHPP model for all new build homes for Planning or Certification, or to ensure a retrofit meets the EnerPHit standards

We can produce a retrofit programme service for social housing providers, individual homeowners and private landlords to PAS 2035 or EnerPHit standards to upgrade the fabric of existing properties

Our Government-endorsed Trustmark in Energy Efficient gives you peace of mind and quality assurance for advice and solutions to reduce energy consumption, reduce fuel poverty and provide healthy homes

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Our Philosophy

At Alden Rose we are committed to helping repair our planet, one house at a time.  With years of research into the role that the built environment has played in the world’s total carbon emissions, we work alongside homeowners, social housing associations and private landlords to build houses that are fit for our future generations.

Combining 25 years of experience with a accreditations for PAS2035, Passivhaus, EnerPHit and NZEB building standards, we provide our clients with long term realistic and affordable solutions to ensure that their property is ready to meet the legally binding global targets for 2050.

The rising challenges around the world are forcing millions into fuel poverty and poor living conditions.  From simple techniques to deep retrofitting, every home can be healthy and cheap to run.

We can provide “passports” for homes detailing the long term goals to be achieved to suit the homeowner’s budget, assist with applying for grants available, or design a new home that far exceeds current UK building standards.

We work with manufacturers and suppliers throughout the world, and can apply the Passivhaus Principles to most buildings, old or new, to create the optimum healthy environment to live or work in.

Having studied global building standards and methods for nearly a decade, we have seen how far behind the UK is in terms of our built environment. We hope to raise awareness of the work to be done over the next two decades.

We can live in harmony with mother nature if we take that first step.

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Carbon Zero, Net Zero, Carbon Emissions???  If you are a little confused about what they all mean and how it affects everyone on the planet, read on….

The buildings we live and work in contribute to over 39% of the country’s global emissions. We explore why here….

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By 2050, the UK will still have over 25 million of our current homes being used. What is Retrofit and why do we need to upgrade our homes? We explain here….

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New Biodiversity Net Gain planning laws come into force in 2024: tree lined streets, ponds and upgrades to Green Belts. Find out more and what Pinewood Studios have planned for their expansion….

Obtaining planning approval for your renovation and extension works can be daunting to many. Here we explain the system from applications to approvals….

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